Kami's Lookout & Time Room

- Current level cap is 75 (NO WIPES!)
- Kami's Lookout is now available at DBO Hope!
- PvP zone is also available on Kami's lookout
- Hyperbolic Time Chamber is accessible!
- There are 3 zones inside the hyperbolic time chamber
- Ice Zone: Drops Armor Upgrade Stones
- Fire Zone: Drops Weapon Upgrade Stones
- Dark Zone: Drops White Stones

Brand New Dungeon

- New Broly Dungeon is now available!
- Broly dungeon drops level 75 legendary weapons
- Buy our brand new Broly Pet by farming inside the dungeon
- Buy awesome titles with stats and auras by farming inside the dungeon
- Sky Dungeon 1, 2, 3 are working
- Sky Dungeon drop materials which can be used to craft level 75 gear

Update 31-08-2021 Patch

- Random Papaya Open World Bosses now can also spawn after killing around 2-4 Boss white bunnies
- Drop rate of white stones and brown boxes on papaya bosses have been increased
- Bitter Tea duration increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
- Bitter Tea cooldown has also been increased to 1 minute 30 seconds
- Animation speed has been reverted back to work like retail
Note: The normal papaya boss spawns still stay the same, making them spawn randomly is a bonus feature.

Update 10-08-2021 Patch

- Brown Box added back to cc vendor npc
- Fix for unable to buy Platinum chest key in token shop
- CC120 Boss floor logic is fixed again
- UD4 Normal Mob health has been nerfed (down to 100,000 to 145,000 range)
- Increased the drop rate of UD Coin Fragments on normal UD4 Mobs
- Increased the drop rate of UD Coin Fragments on UD4 Bosses
- Increased the drop rate of UD Coins on final UD4 Boss
- Increased the drop rate of White Stones on final UD4 Boss